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Explore Kenya Brown's Summer Time Blues


Kenya Brown's Summer Time Blues!!

Kenya Brown is a charming and brilliant young girl!

Kenya is sad the last day of first grade.

She imagines another boring summer for her family.

Kenya is challenged!

 Kenya is challenged to use her excellent brain to create exciting summer activities at home, for herself and siblings, and that she does! 

Fun Activities and Success

 The Brown children create, invent and are helpful to their family, all summer long and have loads of fun!

Kenya shares her summer fun book with fellow second graders!

 At the end of the summer, the rising second grader had compiled a “Summer Fun Book” chronicling the creative and productive activities the family enjoyed at home during vacation time!   Teacher praises Kenya for her innovation!

Great ideas to use at home or school!

Kenya Brown's Summer Time Blues comes with teacher created activities/lesson plans free.  Great teachable moments, explained!