About Us

Our Focus


We design picture book series for preschool, kindergarten and first grade racial ethnic/minority children to enhance vocabulary development, build knowledge about the world, emphasize the importance of learning, and encourage responsible behaviors through the adventures of fictional characters in visually appealing fun, instructive texts. 

What we believe

 First and foremost, there is no mystery to learning! It is my opinion, based on experience with the American education system is that it treats knowledge as if it were a mysterious commodity, only acquirable by a select few. Balderdash!  Children are tested, sorted and labeled, from the onset of education, and that typically sets the path forward for either success or failure. It is rather simple. Learning equals exposure! Children who enter school with a rich exposure to language skills and knowledge of how the world works have a decided advantage over those who do not. Your child can have good outcomes in school with the proper tools, learned at home!  No matter where you live, no matter how much or how little money you have, no matter how much or little education you have, your child can be the smart one, if you decide to make him/her smart. All it takes is your time. 

Our Commitment

Our books are designed to build knowledge, promote vocabulary development and enhance academic skills for very children.  

I am your servant for educational enrichment of children!   Dr. Tanya